WOW! Look at the savings!

I want you to know how happy we are that we chose Spray Foam Insulation when we built out the upstairs of our home. The worst of our North Carolina mountain winter is over, and to date every heating bill has been lower than it was before we increased our floor space by almost 50%. The product has done everythying you told me it would do. The house stays at a very comfortable temperature, and we've saved money every month! Interestingly, the unfinished part of the attic is almost as warm as the heated space. I did quite a bit of research before we chose Spray Foam, so I knew it was a good product, but our experience -- with the product and with your company -- has been even better than we'd imagined. So, Thanks!

-- Karen Atkinson -- Member of Henderson County Global Warming Task Force

Sure is quiet in here!
Dealing with Glenco's salesperson and technician was pleasant. The application was controlled and clean-up performed. We were pleased with the desired results. Both the noise reduction during rainstorms and the elimination of dampness due to humidity were accomplished.

-- Donald E. Streichert -- Homeowner